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Dec. 28th, 2011


Writer's Block: Roll the dice

My lucky number is 2.  WOOHOO DEREK JETER!!!
What is your lucky number?

Dec. 11th, 2011


Writer's Block: Tearjerkers

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  When Sirius says "I would rather die then betray my friends!"  I lose it every time.

Which movie always makes you cry?

Dec. 10th, 2011


Writer's Block: What’s on your mind?

Well.  I am eating cheez dooddles for breakfast.  But I want bacon.  And I don't want to shower.  But I need to.  
What are you thinking about right now?

Nov. 27th, 2011


Writer's Block: Background players


My Background
What is your computer wallpaper right now?

Sep. 26th, 2011


Writer's Block: And the forecast is…

What’s your favorite kind of weather?

Aug. 7th, 2011


Writer's Block: Study break

What are you studying or did you study in school? Is it related to what you want to do for your career?

My BA is in Sociology.  However.  I am a 7th grade math teacher.  What do you think?  LOL

May. 22nd, 2011


Writer's Block: From beyond

If you died and became a ghost and could only haunt one place, which place would you choose, and why?

I would totally haunt Disney World.  All of it.  All day and at night I will rest in the castle :)

Feb. 10th, 2011


Writer's Block: It came from planet Claire

If you discovered a new planet, what would you name it?

Just like Justin Timberlake brought sexy back, I'd bring Pluto back :)

Jan. 30th, 2010


Writer's Block: Killer tomatoes

What's your favorite cult film of all time, and why? What are the essential ingredients for a cult classic?

Um, yeah.  I'd have to say Office Space.

Jan. 21st, 2010


Writer's Block: A rose by any other name ...

How did you choose your LiveJournal username? Is there an interesting story behind it?

No interesting story :(

My nickname has always been Boo.  And I was a Sigma Kappa in college.  Not to mention this is my AIM name too, so I just used it here too.

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